Eric @dmEricLiu

What is DSM?

DSM is a suite of tools that helps your business grow though personalized DMs at scale.

Who uses DSM?

DSM is for the innovators who use DMs to grow their their businesses - whether that’s merch drops, newsletters, or running a startup. This could be a content creator, marketer, custom support team, founder, venture capitalist, or designer. It could be you.

Whose account will the DMs be sent from?

Yours! DSM integrates with your Twitter or Instagram account(s), building direct relationships with you and the recipients.

Is DSM secure and private?

Alongside keeping your account up and running, security and privacy is a top priority for us.

DSM is built with Google Cloud Platform. All the services that DSM uses are compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. All data at rest is under several layers of encryption with multiple encryption mechanisms.

For any concerns, please reach out to us directly. For more information on the services DSM is built with, check out:

Who will see my DMs?

No one will see your DMs without your consent. The only time we will ask to look at your DMs is if we are working on a bug or a new feature with you, of which you will be notified.

Will my account get banned, shadow banned, or action-blocked?

Alongside security + privacy, this is a top priority for us. While we cannot guarantee this, we do work with the Twitter API and Instagram API teams directly to prevent this from happening.

We understand and work within their guidelines and are transparent throughout DSM on what actions are best to take. When you are taking a risky action, we warn you right away.

Many features are aimed at helping your account work within the guidelines, like the scheduling and personalization of messages to deliver high-quality messages to your most-engaged recipients.

Will DSM work for other social media platforms?